The MC34016 is a telephone line interface meant for use in cordless telephone base stations for CT0, CT1, CT2 and DECT. The circuit forms the interface towards the telephone line and performs all speech and line interface functions like dc and ac line termination, 2–4 wire conversion, automatic gain control and hookswitch control. Adjustment of transmission
parameters is accomplished by two 8–bit registers accessible via the integrated serial bus interface and by external components.
• DC Masks for Voltage and Current Regulation
• Supports Passive or Active AC Set Impedance Applications
• Double Wheatstone Bridge Sidetone Architecture
• Symmetrical Inputs and Outputs with Large Signal Swing Capability
• Gain Setting and Mute Function for Tx and Rx Amplifiers
• Very Low Noise Performance
• Serial Bus Interface SPI Compatible
• Operation from 3.0 to 5.5 V

Line Driver Architecture
• Two DC Masks for Voltage Regulation
• Two DC Masks for Current Regulation
• Passive or Active Set Impedance Adjustment
• Double Wheatstone Bridge Architecture
• Automatic Gain Control Function

Transmit Channel
• Symmetrical Inputs Capable of Handling Large Voltage Swing
• Gain Select Option via Serial Bus Interface
• Transmit Mute Function, Programmable via Bus
• Large Voltage Swing Capability at the Telephone Line

Receive Channel
• Double Sidetone Architecture for Optimum Line Matching
• Symmetrical Outputs Capable of Producing High Voltage Swing
• Gain Select Option via Serial Bus Interface
• Receive Mute Function, Programmable via Serial Bus

Serial Bus Interface
• 3–Wire Connection to Microcontroller
• One Programmable Output Meant for Driving a Hookswitch
• Two Programmable Outputs Capable of Driving Low Ohmic Loads
• Two 8–Bit Registers for Parameter Adjustment


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