General Description
This 8-bit Micro-controller uses a fully static CMOS technology to achieve high speed, small size, low power and high noise immunity.
Internal RC oscillator On chip memory includes 1K words of ROM, and 31 bytes of static RAM.

*Fully CMOS static design
*8-bit data bus
*On chip ROM size :1 K words
*Internal RAM size : 31 bytes (25 general purpose registers, 6 special registers)
*34 single word instructions
*14-bit instructions
*2-level stacks
*Operating voltage : 2.3V ~ 6 V
*Addressing modes include direct, indirect and relative addressing modes
*Power-on Reset
*RC oscillator, and R(160K) is changeable
*12 I/O pins with their own independent direction control

The application areas of this MDT10C41A1 range from appliance motor control and high speed automotive to low power remote transmitters/receivers, pointing devices, and telecommunications processors, such as Remote controller, small instruments, chargers, toy, automobile and PC peripheral … etc.

MDT10C41A1P, MDT10C41A1S

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