Agilent’s MGA-545P8 is an economical, low current, medium power, easy-to-use GaAs MMIC
amplifier that offers excellent power output at 5.8 GHz.
Although optimized for 5.8 GHz applications, the MGA-545P8 is suitable for other applications in the 1 to 7 GHz frequency range.
With the addition of a simple input match, the MGA-545P8 offers a small signal gain of 11.5 dB, a
saturated power output of 22 dBm and a saturated gain of 9.5 dB at 5.8 GHz.
The MGA-545P8 has a nominal current consumption of 92 mA in saturated mode and 135 mA in linear mode at a device voltage of 3.3 V with power added efficiency of 46% in saturated mode.
The MGA-545P8 is housed in the 2X2 mm-8L LPCC package.
This package offers good thermal dissipation and very good high frequency characteristics making it appropriate for medium power applications through 7 GHz.

* Unconditionally stable
* Single +3.3 V operation
* Small package size – 2.0 x 2.0 x 0.75 mm3
* Point MTTF > 300 years [2]
* MSL-1 and Pb-free and Halogen-free
* Tape-and-reel packaging option available

The MGA-545P8 is ideal for use as driver amplifier or power amplifier in:
* 3-4 GHz fixed wireless access (WLL)
* 5-6 GHz fixed wireless access (HiperLAN/UNII)
* 5-6 GHz WLAN 802.11a NIC and AP
* Other applications in the 1-7 GHz frequency range

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