The MP2106 is a 1.5A, 800KHz synchronous buck converter designed for low voltage applications requiring high efficiency. It is capable of providing output voltages as low as 0.9V, and integrates top and bottom switches to minimize power loss and component count. The 800KHz switching frequency reduces the size of filtering components, further reducing the solution size.
The MP2106 includes cycle-by-cycle current limiting and under voltage lockout. The internal power switches, combined with the tiny 10-pin MSOP and QFN packages, provide a solution requiring a minimum of surface area.

*1.5A Output Current
*Synchronous Rectification
*Internal 210mΩ and 255mΩ Power Switches
*Input Range of 2.6V to 15V
*>90% Efficiency
*Zero Current Shutdown Mode
*Under Voltage Lockout Protection
*Soft-Start Operation
*Thermal Shutdown
*Internal Current Limit (Source & Sink)
*Tiny 10-Pin MSOP or QFN Package

*DC/DC Regulation from Wall Adapters
*Portable Entertainment Systems
*Set Top Boxes
*Digital Video Cameras, DECT
*Networking Equipment
*Wireless Modems

MP2106DK, MP2106DQ

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