The NE/SA612A is a low-power VHF monolithic double-balanced mixer with on-board oscillator and voltage regulator. It is intended for low cost, low power communication systems with signal frequencies to 500MHz and local oscillator frequencies as high as 200MHz. The mixer is a “Gilbert cell” multiplier configuration which provides gain of 14dB or more at 45MHz.
The oscillator can be configured for a crystal, a tuned tank operation, or as a buffer for an external L.O. Noise figure at 45MHz is typically below 6dB and makes the device well suited for high performance cordless phone/cellular radio. The low power consumption makes the NE/SA612A excellent for battery operated equipment. Networking and other communications products can benefit from very low radiated energy levels within systems. The NE/SA612A is available in an 8-lead dual in-line plastic package and an 8-lead SO (surface mounted miniature package).

*Low current consumption
*Low cost
*Operation to 500MHz
*Low radiated energy
*Low external parts count; suitable for crystal/ceramic filter
*Excellent sensitivity, gain, and noise figure

*Cordless telephone
*Portable radio
*VHF transceivers
*RF data links
*Communications receivers
*Broadband LANs
*HF and VHF frequency conversion
*Cellular radio mixer/oscillator

NE612AN, NE612AD, SA612AN, SA612AD

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