The NEZ1011-3E and NEZ1414-3E are power GaAs MESFETs which provide high gain, high efficiency and high output in X, Ku-band. The internal input and output matching enables guaranteed performance to be achieved with only a 50 W external circuit. To reduce thermal resistance the device has a PHS (Plated Heat Sink) structure. The device incorporates a WSi (tungsten silicide) gate structure for high reliability.

*High Output Power : Po (1 dB) = +34.0 dBm typ.
*High Linear Gain : 8.5 dB typ. (NEZ1011-3E), 7.5 dB typ. (NEZ1414-3E)
*High Efficiency : 30 % typ.
*Input and Output Internally Matched for Optimum performance

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