The PBL 3766 Subscriber Line Interface Circuit (SLIC) is a monolithic integrated circuit, manufactured in 75 V bipolar technology.
The PBL 3766 SLIC facilitates the design of cost effective, high performance on-premises (ONS) analog line interface ards for PABX systems and terminal adapters.
Small package size and few required external components result in a miniaturized design.
The PBL 3766 programmable, constant current loop feed system can operate with battery supply voltages between -24 V and -58 V.
The SLIC incorporates loop current and ring trip detection functions as well as a ring relay driver.
The two- to four-wire and four- to two-wire voice frequency (vf) signal conversion, i.e. the hybrid function, is provided by the SLIC in conjunction with either a conventional or a programmable CODEC/filter.
The PBL 3766 package is a 22 pin, plastic dual-in-line (batwing) or a 28-pin, plastic j-leaded chip carrier (PLCC).
The differences between PBL 3766 and PBL 3766/6 are the specifications for balance, output offset voltage, and insertion loss.

Key Features
* Low cost
* Few external components
* Programmable, constant current loop feed
* Line feed characteristics independent of battery supply variations
* -24 V to -58 V battery supply voltage range
* Detectors
– programmable loop current detector
– ring trip detector
* Ring relay driver
* Hybrid function with conventional or programmable CODEC/filters
* Line terminating impedance, complex or real, set by a simple external network or controlled by a programmable CODEC/filter
* Idle noise typ. -83 dBmp, typ. 7 dBrnC
* Low on-hook power dissipation: 20 mW @ -28 V, 35 mW @ -48 V
* Tip-ring open circuit state for subscriber loop power denial
* On-hook transmission


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