The PCIB40 is an 8-bit ISA bus add-on board providing 40 channels of digital I/O and three 16 bit counter/timers.
The digital I/O is organised into 5 groups of 8 bits. Each I/O channel may be configured as an input or an output.
The board also includes the facility to define the powerup/reset state of a group of output bits.
This is extremely useful in ensuring the safe start-up of a PC-controlled system.
The 3 counter/timers are implemented using the industry-standard 8254 device.
One timer can be used as a periodic interrupt generator while the other two timers can be connected to external signals for frequency measurement and pulse generation.
The D-50 I/O connector conforms to Arcom’s standard Signal Conditioning System (SCS) and may be used to drive a range of Signal Conditioning Boards (SCB); see Arcom’s PCbus catalogue for more details.

* CE compliant design
* 40-channel digital I/O
* Three 16-bit counter/timers with max count rate (input and output) 1MHz
* Compact I/O addressing scheme (link selectable base address)
* Link-selectable interrupt options (IRQ2,3,4,5,7)
* Each channel has a current sink capability of 24mA @ 0.45V and source current of 500mA @ 2.7V
* Bit programmable for input or output
* Group selection of powerup/reset state.
* Board access LED (for all decoded addresses)
* User controlled LED
* 8-bit bus interface
* I/O connector conforms to Arcom Signal Conditioning System (SCS)
* Operating temperature range, +5°C to +55°C
* Power consumption from the host, max 300mA @ +5V
* MTBF: 477,000 hours (using generic figures from MIL-HDBK-217F at ground benign)

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