The transmitter module is intended for use at SDH and SONET bit rates. The device meets the intention of the ITU-T (G.691) recommendations.
The single silicon IC is used as a laser driver, modulator and automatic power control. To ensure a proper laser operation over the wide temperature range and life of operation, the average optical output power is controlled. The laser bias is externally accessible for monitoring of the performance. A power alarm is activated when the average optical power cannot be maintained within specification. A laser shut-down is also provided according to SDH/SONET requirements.

Key Features
*Provides 1620 nm supervisory channel laser source for WDM applications according to ITU-T draft G.691
*Average power control
*Small size (40x70x9 mm)
*CMOS alarm output
*Thermoelectric cooler included
*P-ECL data inputs
*Tone modulation input
*Single 5.0 V supply

*1620 nm supervisory channel applications in WDM systems

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