Product Description
Pericom Semiconductor’s PI74LCX series of logic circuits are produced in the Company’s advanced 0.6 micron CMOS technology, achieving industry leading speed grades.
The PI74LCX646 and PI74LCX652 are designed with a bus transceiver with 3-state D-type flip-flops and control circuitry arranged for multiplexed transmission of data directly from the data bus or from the internal storage registers. The PI74LCX652 utilizes GAB and GBA signals to control the transceiver functions. The PI74LCX646 uses the enable control (G) and direction pins (DIR) to control the transceiver functions. SAB and SBA control pins are used to select either real-time or stored data transfer. The circuitry used for select control will eliminate the typical decoding glitch that occurs in a multiplexer during the transition between real-time and
stored data. A low input level selects real-time data and a high selects stored data.
The PI74LCX646 and PI74LCX652 can be driven from either 3.3V or 5.0V devices allowing this device to be used as a translator in a mixed 3.3/5.0V system.

Product Features
*Functionally compatible with FCT3, LVT, and 74 series 646 and 652 families of products
*Tri-State outputs
*5V Tolerant inputs and outputs
*2.0V-3.6V VCC supply operation
*Balanced sink and source output drives (24 mA)
*Low ground bounce outputs
*Supports live insertion
*ESD Protection exceeds 2000V, Human Body Model 200V, Machine Model
*Packages available:
– 24-pin 209-mil wide plastic SSOP (H)
– 24-pin 173-mil wide plastic TSSOP (L)
– 24-pin 150-mil wide plastic QSOP (Q)
– 24-pin 300-mil wide plastic SOIC (S)


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