* Maximum switching current: 3.5A
* Built-in ON/OFF control function
* Built-in soft start function to suppress overshoot of output voltage in power on sequence or ON/OFF control sequence
* Built-in oscillation circuit (Oscillation frequency: TYP. 150kHz)
* Built-in overheat,overcurrent protection functions
* TO-220 package
* Variable output voltage (Output variable range: Vref to 35V/–Vref to –30V) [Possible to select step-down output/inversing output according to external connection circuit]
* PQ1CG3032FZH: Zigzag forming
- PQ1CG3032RZH: Self-stand forming
* RoHS directive compliant

* Color TV
* Digital OA equipment
* Facsimiles,printers and OA equipment
* Personal computers and amusement equipment


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