The PS2805-1 and PS2805-4 are optically coupled isolators containing GaAs light emitting diodes and an NPN silicon phototransistor in a plastic SOP for high density applications.
This package has shield effect to cut off ambient light.

*High isolation voltage (BV = 2 500 Vr.m.s.)
*Small and thin package (4,16-pin SOP, Pin pitch 1.27 mm)
*High collector to emitter voltage (VCEO = 80 V)
*AC input response
*High-speed switching (tr = 3 ms TYP., tf = 5 ms TYP.)
*UL approved: File No. E72422 (S)
*VDE0884 approved (Option): PS2805-4 only
*Ordering number of taping product: PS2805-1-F3, F4, PS2805-4-F3, F4

*Programmable logic controllers
*Measuring instruments
*Hybrid IC

PS2805-4, PS2805-1-F3, PS2805-1-F4, PS2805-4-F3, PS2805-4-F4

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