The RD7 reference design board is an example of a very low cost production worthy DC input standby power supply design using the TOPSwitch-II family of Three-terminal Off-line PWM switchers. The reference design board is intended to help TOPSwitch-II users quickly develop their products. It provides a basic design that can be easily modified to fit a particular application. The RD7 operates from a rectified and filtered AC mains voltage and provides 3.5 W output at 5 V. Features such as a 12 V non-isolated output or tighter output voltage tolerance may be implemented by changing only a few components.

Low Cost Production Worthy Reference Design
*Up to 3.5 W of output power
*Meets Blue Angel requirements (5 W)
*Single sided board
*Low cost through-hole components
*Fully assembled and tested
*Easy to evaluate and modify
*Extensive performance data
*Light weight - no heat sink required for TOPSwitch-II
*Non-isolated +12 V output option

Fully Protected by TOPSwitch-II
*Primary safety current limit
*Output short circuit protection
*Thermal shutdown protects entire supply

Designed for World Wide Operation
*Designed for IEC/UL safety requirements
*Designed for wide range of input voltage

Typical Applications
*Desktop PC stand-by power supply (PS98, ATX, NLX, SFX, Micro ATX)
*Consumer stand-by supply (e.g. TV, VCR, DVD)

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