• Addressed Mode With Acknowledge
• Broadcast Mode
• Automatic Retry
• Serial Interface
• Stand Alone Operation
• Achieves Maximum Range From RF Modules
• Flow Control Option
• Two Telemetry I/O Lines (addressed mode only)
• Compatible With Most RF Modules

The RF600T provides a simple interface between TTL level asynchronous serial data sources and standard RF modules (Transceiver, Transmitter or Receiver).
The device allows for either broadcast or addressed point to point modes of operation and is simple to use with minimal interface required.
Data packet generation is automatically performed along with ‘Manchester’ encoding and CRC based error checking.
In addition, in addressed mode, automatic retries ensure that the host is informed of successful or failed data packet delivery.
The RF600T uses control lines to handle the flow of data to and from the host, and incorporates a 190 byte data buffer.

Typical Applications
• Wireless RS232
• Cable Replacement
• Alarm Systems
• Communications Systems
• Local Area Networking

Hardware Features
• 3.0 – 5.5V Operation. (2.0 – 5.5V optional)
• 190 Byte Internal Buffer
• ‘Manchester’ Modulation On Radio Link
• CRC Error Checking
• 18 pin DIP/SOIC Package
• 2 Digital Telemetry Lines (addressed mode only)
• Asynchronous Serial Host Interface


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