The RF650 radio transceiver module provides a reliable wireless communications for the transfer of data at Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying (GFSK), Manchester encoded, RF data rates of up to 100 kbps. Their unique features of narrow band operation and user channel selection combined with excellent interference rejection make them an ideal choice for next generation applications. The transceivers have the functions of a complete radio modem and simply require CMOS/TTL data at the transmit input and the corresponding transceiver(s) output the same data. Preamble and CRC are automatically generated and added to the RF transmission.
Operating within the 433MHz band the modules operate in user selectable channels. The RF650 can use any channel in 100kHz steps. The modules both use a crystal controlled design which provides narrow band performance which is far superior to other wideband ‘SAW’ based designs.
Possible applications include one-to-one and multi-node wireless links in applications including car and building security, EPOS, inventory tracking, remote industrial process monitoring and computer networking. Because of their small size and low power requirements, both modules are ideal for use in portable, batterypowered applications such as hand-held terminals.

*Intelligent Modem RF Transceiver
*RF Data Rates to 100 kbps
*Up to 250 metres Range
*Selectable ‘Narrowband’ RF Channels
*Crystal Controlled RF Design
*Supply Voltage 3.3V
*Serial Data Interface with Handshake
*Host Data Rates up to 38,400 Baud
*Very Stable Operating Frequency
*Low Profile Ceramic DIL Package
*Operates from –20 to +70 0C
*Evaluation Board for Rapid Development

*Wireless Security Systems
*EPOS Terminals
*Sensor Data logging
*Remote Telemetry & Telecommand
*Remote Meter Reading

RF650-868, RF650-EVAL

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