The S-7760A is a programmable port controller IC comprised of an E2PROM, a control circuit for data output, a circuit to prevent malfunction caused by low power supply voltage and others.
This IC operates at 400 kHz and interfaces with exteriors via I2C-bus, controls an 8ch digital output with a serial signal.
Among the digital output ports of 8 channels, the lower 4 channels have a timer function so that at each port, users are able to set the default value and inverted delay time. In the higher 4 channels, setting the fixed output is available at each port. The default value is maintained despite power-off because this IC has an E2PROM. The S-7760A is able to be used to control ON/OFF for the chips surrounding MPU and to output the default data that devices undamentally have.

*Operating voltage range: 2.3 to 4.5 V
*8ch digital output: Higher 4 channels; fixed output/lower 4 channels; timer action
*Operating frequency of I2C-bus interface: 400 kHz
*Low current consumption at standby: 3.0 μA Max. (VCCH = 4.5 V CMOS input type), 10.0 μA Max. (VCCH = 4.5 V low voltage input type)
*Built-in E2PROM circuit: 6-byte
*E2PROM endurance: 105 cycles / word (at −40 to +85 °C)
*E2PROM data retention: 10 years (after rewriting 105 cycles / word)
*Function to protect write in E2PROM
*Function to prevent malfunction during low power supply voltage operation
*Lead-free product
*Small package: WLP-16A, 16-Pin TSSOP (Under development)

*Mobile phone
*Portable communication device
*Digital still camera
*Digital video camera

S-7760A00XX-HCT1, S-7760A10XX-HCT1, S-7760A20XX-HCT1

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