The S-8130AA is a temperature switch with a latch function having a built-in semiconductor temperature sensor with the accuracy of ±2.5°C. The output signal is inverted when the temperature is detected, and latched until a reset signal input or a detection of the power voltage lowering.
Low voltage operation down to 2.2 V is possible and the current consumption is low, 15 μA (typ.), due to CMOS configuration.
The S-8130AA consists of a temperature sensor having the temperature coefficient of −13 mV/°C, a reference voltage source, a comparator, voltage detection circuit, and noise suppression circuit all of which are enclosed in 8-Pin MSOP package.
Since the temperature range of this IC is −40 to +100 °C, it is possible to achieve the extensive application for temperature control.

*Detection temperature : +60 to +95°C, 5°C step
*Detection accuracy : ±2.5°C
*VSS grounded temperature voltage output
*Low voltage operation : VDD (min.)=2.2 V
*Low current consumption : 15 μA typ. (+25°C)
*Output logic level is fixed by the latch after temperature detection
*Noise suppression at temperature detection
*Package : 8-Pin MSOP
*Lead-free products

*Game console
*Electronic devices

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