The SNL320 is a high performance 16-bit DSP base processor with 16MIPS CPU power.
The internal 64K words hi-speed ROM already built-in a hi-performance software voice synthesizer to provides lot of voice effects.
Such as hi-decompression engine to support from 1.5kbps ~ 29kbps compression rate for speech and music, multi-channel voice synthesizer to provides 8-channel wave-table melody, or support foreground 1.5kbps~29kbps and background 4-channel wave-table melody.
The standard microprocessor interface allows SNL320 to extend its memory capability, or connect external device.
We also built-in a Low Voltage Detector circuit for power management and a USB 1.1 interface for communication with PC.

♦ Power supply:
2.4V ~ 3.6V (for 2 batteries application)
3.6V ~ 5.1V (for 3 batteries application)
♦ Built-in regulator for DSP core
♦ Built-in 16-bit DSP core
♦ Software-based voice/melody processing
♦ Rich Function Instruction Set
♦ 16 MIPS CPU performances under 16MHz
♦ Clock system
−16MHz crystal or R-C type oscillator for hi-speed system clock
−32768HZ crystal oscillator for RTC and low-speed system clock
♦ Extension bus
−Standard Byte-mode and Word-Mode bus interface
−4 chip select pins for external devices (such as ROM, Flash, SRAM..etc)
−Maximum 128M-bit addressing capability for signal external memory device
♦ I/O Ports: 36 I/O pins (P1.0~P1.15, P3.0~P3.15, P4.0~P4.3)
♦ ROM size: 64K*16 bits
♦ RAM size: 9k*16 bits (including LCD RAM)
−5K*16 SRAM size for general purpose
−4K*16 for LCD display buffer
♦ Three 8-bit timers with auto-reload function
♦ Programmable watchdog timer
♦ LCD control interface
−Support 1-bit/4-bit LCD data bus for external LCD driver
−Share LCD display RAM with internal SRAM, support 240x120 LCD display screen
−H/W support maximum 4 gray-level LCD display
♦ Built-in 32768 crystal for Real Time Clock
♦ Two voice/melody channels or 4 channels wave-table melody
♦ Built in Push-Pull direct drive circuit and fixed current D/A output
♦ Sampling Rate: 4KHz ~16KHz
♦ Built-in software voice synthesizer for multiple bit-rate solution
♦ USB 1.1 interface provided
♦ Low Voltage Detector
♦ Low Voltage Reset
♦ 9 Interrupt Sources
−5 internal interrupt (T0, T1, T2, RTC and USB)
−3 external interrupt (P3.0~P3.2)
−1 DA/Push-Pull output

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