The Bel SRDC-16D120 module is one in a series of non-isolated, DC/DC power converters that operate from a wide input range of 3V minimum to 15V maximum. This converter is available with 1.2V output. It uses a low profile, surface mount DIP package for ease of layout and space savings. 16A maximum output is also provided. Standard features include remote on/off, over current and short circuit protection, programmable UVLO and output voltage adjust. Optional features include two-wire remote sense or single-ended remote sense with a good power signal. This module also makes use of adaptive positioning to improve transient response performance. It may be used almost anywhere low voltage silicon is employed and a 3 to 15V source is available. Typical applications include file servers, routers, line cards and other computing and communications equipment.

*Industry standard pinout
*Fixed frequency
*High efficiency means less power dissipation
*High power density
*Optimized for cost
*Remote on/off
*Programmable undervoltage lockout (UVLO)
*Over current and short circuit protection
*Two phase operation
*Non-latching over temperature shutdown protection

*Computers and peripherals

SRDC-16D12S, SRDC-16D12D

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