The Simtek STK16CA8 is a fast static RAM with a nonvolatile element in each static memory cell. The embedded nonvolatile elements incorporate Simtek’s QuantumTrap™ technology producing the world’s most reliable nonvolatile memory. The SRAM provides unlimited read and write cycles, while independent, nonvolatile data resides in the nonvolatile elements. Data transfers from the SRAM to the nonvolatile elements (the STORE operation) can take place automatically on power down or under software control. An internal capacitor guarantees the STORE operation, even under extreme power-down slew rates or loss of power from “hot swapping”. Transfers from the nonvolatile elements to the SRAM (the RECALL operation) take place automatically on restoration of power. Initiation of STORE and RECALL cycles can also be controlled by entering control sequences on the SRAM inputs. The STK16CA8 is pin-compatible with 128k x 8 SRAMs and batterybacked SRAMs, allowing direct substitution while providing superior performance.

*25ns, 35ns and 45ns Access Times
*Directly Replaces 128K x 8 Static RAM, Battery-Backed RAM or EEPROM
*Transparent Data Save on Power Down
*STORE to QuantumTrap™ Nonvolatile Elements is Initiated by Software or AutoStore-Plus™on Power Down
*RECALL to SRAM Initiated by Software or Power Restore
*5mA Typical ICC at 200ns Cycle Time
*Unlimited READ and WRITE Cycles to SRAM
*100-Year Data Retention to Quantum Trap
*Single 3V +20%, -10% Operation
*Commercial and Industrial Temperatures
*32-Pin DIP Package

STK16CA8-WF45I, STK16CA8-W45I, STK16CA8-WF35I, STK16CA8-W35I

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