Product Description
Sirenza Microdevices’ SZM-3166Z is a high linearity class AB Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT) amplifier housed in a low-cost surface-mountable plastic Q-FlexN multi-chip module package. This HBT amplifier is made with InGaP on GaAs device technology and fabricated with MOCVD for an ideal combination of low cost and high reliability.
This product is specifically designed for 802.16 customer premise equipment (CPE) terminals in the 3.3-3.6 GHz bands. It can run from a 3V to 5.2V supply. The external output match and bias adjustability allows load line optimization for other applications covering 3.5-3.8GHz. It features an output power detector, on/off power control and high RF overdrive robustness.
A 20dB step attenuator feature can be utilized by swtiching the second stage Power up/down control. This product features a RoHS compliant and Green package with matte tin finish, designated by the ‘Z’ suffix.

Product Features
*P1dB =35dBm @ 5.2V
*Three Stages of Gain: 35dB
*802.11g 54Mb/s Class AB Performance
*Pout = 27dBm @ 2.5% EVM, Vcc 5.2V,900mA
*Active Bias with Adjustable Current
*On-chip Output Power Detector
*Low Thermal Resistance
*Power up/down control < 1μs
*Attenuator Step 20dB @ Vpc2 = 0V
*Class 1C ESD Rating

*802.16 WiMAX Driver or Output Stage
*Fixed Wireless, WLL
*CPE Terminal Applications

SZM-3166Z, SZM-3166Z-EVB1

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