The Si2401 ISOmodem® is a complete, two-chip, 2400 bps modem integrating Silicon Laboratories’ fourth-generation direct access arrangement (DAA), which provides a globally-programmable telephone line interface with an unprecedented level of integration. Available in two small packages, this compact solution eliminates the need for a separate DSP data pump, modem controller, codec, isolation transformer, relay, opto-isolators, and 2–4 wire hybrid. The Si2401 provides conventional data formats at connect rates of up to 2400 bps with full-duplex operation over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). This device is ideal for embedded modem applications due to its small size, minimal external component count, and low power consumption.

*Data modem formats
 2400 bps: V.22bis
 1200 bps: V.22, V.23, Bell 212A
 300 bps: V.21, Bell 103
 Fast connect and V.23 reversing
 SIA and other security protocols
*27 MHz CLKIN support
*Caller ID detection and decode
*UART with flow control
*Integrated DAA
 Over 6000 V capacitive isolation
 Parallel phone detection
 Compliant with FCC, China, JATE, and 31 other PTTs
 Line-in-use detection
*AT command set support
*Call progress support
*3.3 V Power
*Lead-free and RoHS-compliant packages

*Set-top boxes
*ATM terminals
*Security systems
*Medical monitoring
*Power meters


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