The Si5316 is a low jitter, precision jitter attenuator for high-speed communication systems, including OC-48, OC-192, 10G Ethernet, and 10G Fibre Channel. The Si5316 accepts dual clock inputs in the 19, 38, 77, 155, 311, or 622 MHz frequency range and generates a jitter-attenuated clock output at the same frequency. Within each of these clock ranges, the device can be tuned approximately 15% higher than nominal SONET/SDH frequencies, up to a maximum of 710 MHz in the 622 MHz range. The Si5316 is based on Silicon Laboratories' 3rd-generation DSPLL® technology, which provides any-rate frequency synthesis and jitter attenuation in a highly integrated PLL solution that eliminates the need for external VCXO and loop filter components. The DSPLL loop bandwidth is digitally programmable, providing jitter performance optimization at the application level. Operating from a single 1.8, 2.5, or 3.3 V supply, the Si5316 is ideal for providing jitter attenuation in high performance timing applications.

*Fixed frequency jitter attenuator with selectable clock ranges at 19, 38, 77, 155, 311, and 622 MHz (710 MHz max)
*Support for SONET, 10GbE, 10GFC, and corresponding FEC rates
*Ultra-low jitter clock output with jitter generation as low as 0.3 psRMS (50 kHz–80 MHz)
*Integrated loop filter with selectable loop bandwidth (100 Hz to 7.9 kHz)
*Meets OC-192 GR-253-CORE jitter specifications
*Dual clock inputs with integrated clock select mux
*One clock input can be 1x, 4x, or 32x the frequency of the second clock input
*Single clock output with selectable signal format: LVPECL, LVDS, CML, CMOS
*LOL, LOS alarm outputs
*Pin programmable settings
*On-chip voltage regulator for 1.8, 2.5, or 3.3 V ±10% operation
*Small size (6 x 6 mm 36-lead QFN)
*Pb-free, RoHS compliant

*Optical modules
*SONET/SDH OC-48/OC-192 line cards
*10GbE, 10GFC line cards
*ITU G.709 line cards
*Wireless basestations
*Test and measurement


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