The miniaturized TFDU4203 is an ideal transceiver for
applications in telecommunications like mobile phones
and pagers. The device is mechanically designed for
lowest profile with a height of only 2.8 mm. The
infrared transceiver is compatible to the IrDA) IrPHY
specification up to a data rate of 115 kbit/s.
The transceiver can be operated without external
current limiting resistor to achieve full SIR compliance
(range > 1 m in full ±15° cone).

* Package Dimension:
L 7.1 mm x W 4.7 mm x H 2.8 mm
* Compatible to the latest IrDA IrPHY Standard
* CIR Remote Control Operation:
Typical Transmission Range 8 m Using Standard RC–Receivers. Receives RC–Commands with Typical Specified Sensitivity.
* SMD Side View
* Lowest Power Consumption 65 mA, Receive Mode, 0.01 mA Shutdown Current
* Built-in Current Limitation
* Output Intensity Adjustable beyond IrDA Low Power
* Supply Voltage Range (2.4 V to 5.5 V)
* Operational down to 2.0 V
* Fewest External Components
* Eye Safety: Double Safety
Limited Optical Output Pulse Duration
Limited Optical Output Intensity
IEC60825–1, 2001: Class 1
* Tri–State Output (Rxd)
* High EMI Immunity
* SD Pin


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