Product Description
The Tritium III PAD Module ™ is an integrated 3V Linear Power Amplifier, Duplexer and Transmit Filter Module including a highly accurate Output Power Detector designed for mobile UMTS handset applications, supporting HSUPA operation with transmission data-rates up to 10Mb/s.
It features 2 output power modes, additional continuous bias in low power mode, low off and standby currents, and a separate pin for module enable. RF input and output matching is included within the module; therefore, minimal external circuitry is required.
Tritium III gives excellent RF performance with low current consumption resulting in longer talk times in portable applications. The tiny 7x4x1.1 mm³ surface mount package is ideal for new generation slim, small and light phones.

*Handset Tritium III™ (PA-Duplexer) Module for UMTS Band I (IMT2100 band)
*Specified for HSUPA Modulation (Transmission Data-Rates up to 10Mb/s)
*Integrates Power Amplifier, Highly Accurate Output Power Detector, Transmit Filter and Duplexer
*No Regulated Voltage Required
*Separate ‘Module Enable’ Pin
*All RF Ports Matched to 50 Ω
*Low Current Consumption: – 2 Power Modes
– Continuous Bias in Low Power Mode – Extremely Low Idle Current (15mA typ.) in Low Power Mode
*Compatible for Low Collector Voltage Operation with DC-DC-Converters

*3G UMTS Handsets and Data-Cards

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