DESIGNED for use in general purpose, medium current (to 100mA) switching and differential amplifier applications, the ULN-2083A and ULS-2083H transistor arrays each consist of five NPN transistors on a single monolithic chip.
Two transistors are matched at low currents (1mA) making them ideal for use in balanced mixer circuits, pushpull amplifiers, and other circuit functions requiring close thermal and offset matching.
A separate substrate connection permits maximum circuit design flexibility.
In order to mointain isolation between transistros and provide normal transistor action, the substrate must be connected to a voltage which is more negative than any collector voltage.
The substrate terminal (pin5) should therefore be maintained at either d-c ground or suitably bypassed to a-c ground to avoid undesired coupling between transistors.
Two package configurations are available.
The Type ULN-2083A is supplied in a 16-lead dual inline plastic package for operation over the temperature range of -20˚C to +85˚C.
This package is similar to JEDEC style MO-001AC.
The Type ULS2083H is electrically identical to the ULN-2083A but is supplied in a hermetic dual in-line package for operation over the temperature range of -55˚C to +125˚C.
This package conforms to the dimensional requirements of Military Specification MIL-M-38510 and can meet all of the applicable environmental requirements of Military Standard MIL-STD-883.


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