The UT7R995/UT7R995C is a low-voltage, low-power, eightoutput, 6-to-200 MHz clock driver.
It features output phase programmability which is necessary to optimize the timing of high performance microprocessor and communication systems.
The user programs both the frequency and the phase of the output banks through nF[1:0] and DS[1:0] pins.
The adjustable phase feature allows the user to skew the outputs to lead or lag the reference clock.
Connect any one of the outputs to the feedback input to achieve different reference frequency multiplication and division ratios.
The devices also feature split output bank power supplies that enable banks 1 & 2, bank 3, and bank 4 to operate at a different power supply levels.
The ternary PE/HD pin controls the synchronization of output signals to either the rising or the falling edge of the reference clock and selects the drive strength of the output buffers.
The UT7R995 and UT7R995C both interface to a digital clock while the UT7R995C will also interface to a quartz crystal.

* +3.3V Core Power Supply
* +2.5V or +3.3V Clock Output Power Supply
- Independent Clock Output Bank Power Supplies
* Output frequency range: 6 MHz to 200 MHz
* Bank pair output-output skew < 100 ps
* Cycle-cycle jitter < 50 ps
* 50% ± 2% maximum output duty cycle at 100MHz
* Eight LVTTL outputs with selectable drive strength
* Selectable positive- or negative-edge synchronization
* Selectable phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency range and lock indicator
* Phase adjustments in 625 to 1300 ps steps up to ± 7.8 ns
* (1-6,8,10,12) x multiply and (1/2,1/4) x divide ratios
* Compatible with Spread-Spectrum reference clocks
* Power-down mode
* Selectable reference input divider
* Radiation performance
- Total-dose tolerance: 100 krad (Si)
- SEL Immune to a LET of 109 MeV-cm2/mg
- SEU Immune to a LET of 109 MeV-cm2/mg
* Military temperature range: -55oC to +125oC
* Extended industrial temp: -40oC to +125oC
* Packaging options:
- 48-Lead Ceramic Flatpack
* Standard Microcircuit Drawing: 5962-05214
- QML-Q and QML-V compliant part


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