This DC-DC converter module uses 2nd Generation power processing, control and packaging technologies to provide the performance, flexibility and cost effectiveness expected of a mature power component. For example, a plated-cavity core transformer couples widely separated primary and secondary windings, resulting in low in-toout parasitic capacitance and noise.
High frequency ZCS/ZVS switching, advanced power semiconductor packaging and thermal management provide high power density with low temperature gradients. Extensive use of silicon integration results in 1/3 the part count of a 1st Generation converter.

*DC input range: 36 - 75V
*Input surge withstand: 100V for 100ms
*DC output: 24V
*Programmable output: 10 to 110%
*Regulation: ±0.2%
*Efficiency: 88.5%
*Maximum operating temperature: 100°C at full load
*Power density: 100W/cubic inch
*Height above board: 0.43 in. (10,9 mm)
*Parallelable, with N+M fault tolerance
*Low noise ZCS/ZVS architecture

V24A15C250A, V48A15C250A, V300A15C250A, V375A15C250A, V24B15C250A, V48B15C250A, V300B15C250A, V375B15C250A, V24C15C250A, V48C15C250A, V300C15C250A, V375C15C250A, V24A15T250A, V48A15T250A, V300A15T250A, V375A15T250A, V24B15T250A, V48B15T250A, V300B15T250A, V375B15T250A, V24C15T250A, V48C15T250A, V300C15T250A, V375C15T250A, V24A15H250A, V48A15H250A, V300A15H250A, V375A15H250A, V24B15H250A, V48B15H250A, V300B15H250A, V375B15H250A, V24C15H250A, V48C15H250A, V300C15H250A, V375C15H250A, V24A15M250A, V48A15M250A, V300A15M250A, V375A15M250A, V24B15M250A, V48B15M250A, V300B15M250A, V375B15M250A, V24C15M250A, V48C15M250A, V300C15M250A, V375C15M250A

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