* Compliant with Intel® CK-Titan Clock Synthesizer/Driver Specifications
* Multiple output clocks at different frequencies
* Three pairs of differential CPU outputs, up to 200 MHz
* Ten synchronous PCI clocks, three free-running
* Six 3V66 clocks
* Two 48-MHz clocks
* One reference clock at 14.318 MHz
* One VCH clock
* Spread Spectrum clocking (down spread)
* Power-down features (PCI_STOP#, CPU_STOP# PWR_DWN#)
* Three Select inputs (Mode select & IC Frequency Select)
* OE and Test Mode support
* 56-pin SSOP package and 56-pin TSSOP package

* Supports next-generation Pentium® processors using differential clock drivers
* Motherboard clock generator
* Support Multiple CPUs and a chipset
* Support for PCI slots and chipset
* Supports AGP, DRCG reference and Hub Link
* Supports USB host controller and graphic controller
* Supports ISA slots and I/O chip
* Enables reduction of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and overall system cost
* Enables ACPI-compliant designs
* Supports up to four CPU clock frequencies
* Enables ATE and “bed of nails” testing
* Widely available, standard package enables lower cost


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