The WM8706 is a high performance stereo DAC designed for audio applications such as DVD, home theatre systems, and digital TV.
The WM8706 supports data input word lengths from 16 to 32-bits and sampling rates up to 192kHz.
The WM8706 can implement 2 channels at 192kHz for highend DVD-Audio.
The WM8706 consists of a serial interface port, digital interpolation filters, multi-bit sigma delta modulators and stereo DAC in a small 28-pin SSOP package.
The WM8706 also includes a digitally controllable mute and attenuate function on each channel.
The WM8706 supports a variety of connection schemes for audio DAC control.
The MPU serial port provides access to a wide range of features including on-chip mute, attenuation and phase reversal.
A hardware controllable interface is also available.
It is pin-compatible with the WM8716 provided the oscillator circuit on WM8716 is not required in the application.
The WM8706 is an ideal device to interface to AC-3, DTS , and MPEG audio decoders for surround sound applications, or for use in DVD players supporting DVD-A.

*Stereo DAC
*Audio Performance
-106dB SNR (‘A’ weighted @ 48kHz) DAC
- -97dB THD
*DAC Sampling Frequency: 8kHz – 192kHz
*3-Wire Serial Control Interface or Hardware Control
*Programmable Audio Data Interface Modes
-I2S, Left, Right Justified, DSP
-16/20/24/32 bit Word Lengths
*Independent Digital Volume Control on Each Channel with 127.5dB Range in 0.5dB Steps
*3.0V – 5.5V Supply Operation
*28-Pin SSOP Package
*Exceeds Dolby Class A Performance Requirements

*DVD-Audio and DVD ‘Universal’ Players
*Home theatre systems
*Digital TV
*Digital broadcast receivers


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