· Operation on 434.075, 868.40 and 914.5 MHz
· X2011 version includes integrated pcb loop antenna (434 & 868 MHz versions)
· Double RF filtering = High Reliability RF Link
· Data rates to 20 kbps (Wide-band 64 kbps version available to order)
· -112 dBm receiver sensitivity (434 version)
· CD and RSSI outputs
· Crystal stabilised accurate RF, hence narrower BW filter utilised
· Results in over 300m range
· EN 300 220-1, 300 683 & FCC compliant
· Immune to Tetra and High power Radio Amateur Repeater Stations

· EPOS Terminals
· Wireless Networking
· Domestic And Commercial Wireless Security Systems
· Panic Attack Facility
· Remote Control For Cranes Etc

General Description
The X2010 radio transceiver module was designed to provide reliable wireless operation at
moderate data rates for use throughout the world.
Its unique features of narrower RF channel bandwidths and hence high interference rejection
capability at SAW module prices make the X2010 the ideal choice for next generation applications.
Available at several frequency options, these modules have been designed to provide a reliable
wire free link within the presence of other interference at the same frequency, accounting for
the increased traffic from other legal users of the radio spectrum.
The transmitter section uses a PLL design that utilises a highly stable and accurate reference
crystal oscillator.
This results in a RF transmission tightly controlled in its frequency spread and over its operating temperature range.
This is exploited in the receiver design.
The receiver section uses a single conversion super-het design, again using PLL technology.
Hence narrower bandwidth RF filters are utilised which result in superior rejection of interference as well as providing good receiver sensitivity and hence range.


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