The Xc4010D and XC4013D are RAM-less, lower-cost versions of the XC4010 and XC4013. They are identical to the XC4010 and XC4013 in all respects, except for the missing on-chip RAM.
The XC4010D and XC4013D are available in most of the same PLCC, PQFP, and PGA packages as their corresponding XC4000 non-D equivalents. See page 2-70 for details.
The XC4010D and XC4013D are also pin-compatible with the XC5210 (see XC5200 Data Sheet for additional information). The XC5210 provides another possible cost-reduction path for lower-performance applications that do not use the XC4000D features like wide-decoders and carry logic.
For complete electrical specifications, see pages 2-47 through 2-55.
For a detailed description of the device features, architecture and configuration methods, see pages 2-9 through 2-45.
For a detailed list of package printouts, please use the cross-referance on page 2-70.
For package physical dimensions and thermal data, see Section 4.

*Third Generation Field-Programmable Gate Array
–Abundant flip-flops
–Flexible function generators
–No on-chip RAM
–Dedicated high-speed carry-propagation circuit
–Wide edge decoders (four per edge)
–Hierarchy of interconnect lines
–Internal 3-state bus capability
–Eight global low-skew clock or signal distribution network
*Flexible Array Architecture
–Programmable logic blocks and I/O blocks
–Programmable interconnects and wide decoders
*Sub-micron CMOS Process
–High-speed logic and Interconnect
–Low power consumption
*Systems-Oriented Features
–IEEE 1149.1-compatible boundary-scan logic support
–Programmable output slew rate (2 modes)
–Programmable input pull-up or pull-down resistors
–12-mA sink current per output
–24-mA sink current per output pair
*Configured by Loading Binary File
–Unlimited reprogrammability
–Six programming modes
*XACT Development System runs on ’386/’486-type PC, Apollo, Sun-4, and Hewlett-Packard 700 series
–Interfaces to popular design environments like Viewlogic, Mentor Graphics and OrCAD
–Fully automatic partitioning, placement and routing
–Interactive design editor for design optimization
–288 macros, 34 hard macros, RAM/ROM compiler

XC4010D, XC4013D
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