The ZL38015 is a four channel Voice-Processor hardware platform designed to support advanced voice and digital signal processing applications available from Zarlink Semiconductor. The ZL38015 platform integrates Zarlink’s Voice Processor (ZVP) DSP Core with a number of internal peripherals including: 2 PCM ports, a 2048 tap Filter Co-processor, 2 Auxiliary Timers and a Watchdog Timer, 9 GPIO pins, UART, Slave SPI and Master SPI ports and a master/slave timing block.
The firmware products and manuals available at the release of this data sheet is the ZLS38233: 4 Channel Voice Echo Cancellor (VEC) with integrated DTMF Transceiver (Tx/Rx). If these applications do not meet your requirements, please contact your local Zarlink Sales Office for the latest firmware releases.

*100 MHz (200 MIPs) Zarlink voice processor with Butterfly hardware accelerator and breakpoint/interrupt controller
*On-board Data (26 Kbytes), Instruction (24 Kbytes RAM and Boot (3 Kbytes) ROM
*2048 tap Filter co-processor shared across up to 16 separate functions in 128 tap increments
*Primary PCM port supports TDM (ST BUS, GCI or McBSP framing) or SSI modes at bit rates of 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192 or 16384 Kb/sec
*Separate slave (microcontroller) and master (Flash) SPI ports, maximum clock rate = 25 MHz
*Watchdog and 2 auxiliary timers
*11 General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pins
*General purpose UART port
*Bootloadable for future Zarlink software upgrades
*External oscillator or crystal/ceramic resonator
*1.2 V Core; 3.3 V IO with 5 V-tolerant inputs
*IEEE-1149.1 compatible JTAG port

*Wireless Local Loop base stations and controllers
*Voice telephony gateways
*Digital, VoIP based and wireless PBX systems
*Echo Canceller pools
*Customer Premise equipment
*Integrated access devices
*SOHO gateways


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