Benefits Overview
 The Zoran® (ZR38601) is a high-performance, programmable digital audio sig-nal processor capable of real-time, single-chip decoding of Dolby Digital 5.1- channel and MPEG-2 digital surround algorithms. It is the fourth generation decoder made by Zoran, based on the proven ZR38600 architectures.
 The hardware block floating-point makes it optimum for Dolby Digital and complex digital audio signal processing applications. Due to its programmable high-performance and high level of integration, the ZR38601 is unusually flexible in meeting a wide range of system requirements
at the lowest possible system cost. At the low end, it can provide standard fixed decoding functions with only a DAC and an optical interface for the S/PDIF input, in addition to the oscillator crystal. At the high end, it can provide eight channels of output, analog input, long-delay memories, custom operating features, and the ability to be upgraded with downloaded
SiliconSoftware® product enhancements. Yet all of this flexibility comes without design complexity. Highly configurable standard functions with a simple command structure minimize software development, while a full set of development tools are available for the highly-custom product developer.

 The ZR38601 is suitable primarily for audio applications such as Audio/Visual home theater receivers, Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB), 3-D audio, six-channel speaker systems, and Karaoke processors; video applications like SDTV and HDTV stereo television receivers and digital cable, and satellite TV settop boxes; and multimedia PC applications such as DVD players.

General Description
 The Zoran ZR38601 is the latest digital audio processing member of the ZR38000 high-performance, programmable digital signal processor product line. It is especially configured with peripherals, I/O capability, and software for digital audio. Today, quality digital audio starts with a primary decoding function, adds appropriate data stream protocols, and interfaces with I/O configurations to match the application. The ZR38601 has these primary decode and protocol software functions yet has processing cycles left for additional product-distinguishing features. The ZR38601 also has the necessary flexibility in system I/O and hardware configuration.

 The ZR38601 is pin and instruction-set compatible with the earlier ZR38600, but with a higher 50-MIPS processing rate and larger internal program and data RAMs and ROM. These features provide new 96-kHz sample rate S/PDIF decoding, and increased processing cycles and memories for additional functions. New hardware features are a programmable timer, a Z2C
serial host interface, and more support for the 24-bit I/O data formats.

Dolby Digital and MPEG with variations are the primary decoding functions in use today. The ZR38601 has these and their associated test function with the required set-up, operation, and system functions to make them usable in an end-user product. In addition, an ever increasing number of SiliconSoftware functions can add special enhancing and differentiating features to products.

Key Features
Standard High Performance Functions in ROM
- Dolby Digital, 5.1-channel and 2-channel decoding up to 640 Kbits per second
- Dolby Pro Logic encoding and decoding
- MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 two channel decoding with MPEG-2
- PES stream parsing, PTS decoding and SCR handling
Downloadable SiliconSoftware Functions
- Aureal A3D, Dolby Virtual Surround, Harman VMAx
- QSound QSurround, Spatializer N-2-2, Home THX
- SRS TruSurround, music modes
- Bass Management and multi-channel downmix
Flexible Input/Output
- Serial and/or parallel data stream I/O
- Serial SPI, serial Z2C or 8-bit parallel host interface
- 3 serial input data ports and 4 serial data output ports
- Formatted S/PDIF receiver with up to 96 kHz sample rate
- Sample rates: 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz or 96 kHz
- Formatted S/PDIF Dolby Digital and MPEG transmitter output

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