*Compliant with IrDA1.0
*Integrated package of transmitter/receiver. (9.21×3.76×height 2.71mm)
*General purpose
*Low dissipation current due to shut-down function (Dissipation current at shut-down mode:Max. 1.0μA)
*Soldering reflow type
*Shield type

*Cellular phones, PHS
*Personal information tools

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*24 Vdc Supply, 47 to 870 MHz, CATV GaAs Forward Amplifier Module
*Replaced MHW9206. There are no form, fit or function changes with this part replacement.
*RoHS Compliant

*Specified for 79 - , 112- and 132-Channel Loading
*Excellent Distortion Performance
*Built -in Input Diode Protection
*GaAs FET Transistor Technology
*Unconditionally Stable Under All Load Conditions

*CATV Systems Operating in the 47 to 870 MHz Frequency Range
*Input Stage Amplifier in Optical Nodes, Line Extenders and Trunk Distribution Amplifiers for CATV Systems
*Output Stage Amplifier on Applications Requiring Low Power Dissipation and High Output Performance
*Driver Amplifier in Linear General Purpose Applications

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General Description
Aeroflex’s ACT8502 is a radiation hardened, multi-chip 48 channel multiplexer MCM (multi-chip
module) with ESD protection for use in space applications.
All channel inputs have electrostatic discharge protection.
The ACT8502 has been specifically designed to meet exposure to radiation environments.
The multiplexer is available in a 96 lead High Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (HTCC) Quad Flatpack QFP) and is guaranteed operational from -55°C to +125°C.
Available screened in accordance with MIL-PRF-38534, the ACT8502 is ideal for demanding military and space applications.

*Radiation Environment
*Radiation 300K(Si) Total Dose
*No Latch-Up or SEE to 120MeV/cm2/mg
*Full Military Temperature Range
*Low Power Consumption < 90mW
*48 Channels Provided by Six (6) HS-1840RH Multiplexers
*One Address Bus (A0-3) and Three Enable Lines
*All Channel Inputs protected by ±20V Transorbs
*Fast Access Time 1500ns
*±35V Input Over Voltage Protection (Power On or Off)
*Break-Before-Make Switching
*High Analog Input Impedance (Power On or Off)
*Dielectrically Isolated Device Islands
*No Latch-Up
*Packaging – Hermetic Ceramic Quad Flat Pack
*96 Leads, 1.32"Sq x .20"Ht Quad Flat Pack
*Typical Weight 15 grams
*DESC SMD Pending

Organization and Application
The ACT8502 consists of six 16 channel muxes arranged as shown in the Block Diagram.
The ACT8502 design is inherently Radiation Hard due to the HS1840RH Multiplexers as well as
Microsemi Corp.
Transient Suppressors (Reference Microsemi MicroNotes Series 050 - page 14).
48 channels addressable by Bus A0~A3, in Three 16 channel blocks, each block enabled
Each block connects the addressed channel to two outputs, "Output" and "Current".
This technique enables selecting and reading a remote resistive sensor without the MUX
resistance being part of the measurement.
For grounded sensors, this is done by passing current to the sensor by means of the "Current" pin and reading the resultant voltage (proportional to the sensor resistance) at the "Output" pin.
NOTE: It is recommended that all "NC or "no connect pin", be grounded.
This eliminates or minimizes any ESD or static buildup.


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Product Overview
This DC-DC converter module uses 2nd Generation power processing, control and packaging technologies to provide the performance, flexibility and cost effectiveness expected of a mature power component.
For example, a plated-cavity core transformer couples widely separated primary and secondary windings, resulting in low in-toout parasitic capacitance and noise.
High frequency ZCS/ZVS switching, advanced power semiconductor packaging and thermal management provide high power density with low temperature gradients.
Extensive use of silicon integration results in 1/3 the part count of a 1st Generation converter.

* DC input range: 18 - 36V
* Input surge withstand: 50V for 100ms
* DC output: 24V
* Programmable output: 10 to 110%
* Regulation: ±0.2% no load to full load
* Efficiency: 87%
* Maximum operating temperature: 100°C at full load
* Power density: 60W/cubic inch
* Height above board: 0.43 in. (10,9 mm)
* Parallelable, with N+M fault tolerance
* Low noise ZCS/ZVS architecture

Typical Applications
* telecommunications, process control and distributed power systems

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MS5536 is a family of high-resolution factory calibrated pressure sensors. The devices include a piezoresistive pressure sensor and a mixed signal IC.
The 3-wire serial interface ensures simple communication with any microcontroller.
The devices provide digital pressure and temperature information as 16-Bit data word each.
In addition 64-Bit of individually calibrated compensation coefficients are stored allowing for a highly accurate software compensation of process spread and temperature effects.
The devices have a very low standby current and automatically enter power down mode after each conversion.
The optimum compromise of refresh rate and average current consumption can be defined by the application software.

* 15-Bit ADC resolution
* Supply voltage 2.2 V to 3.6 V
* Supply current 5 uA typ
* -40°C to +60°C
* Small size
* No external components required

* Medical application
* Blood pressure meter
* Air flow measurement
* HVAC application


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The Powerline range of high power modules includes half bridge, chopper, dual, single and bi-directional switch configurations covering voltages from 1200V to 6500V and currents up to 3600A.
The DIM300XCM45-F000 is a 4500V, soft punch through n-channel enhancement mode, insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) chopper module.
The IGBT has a wide reverse bias safe operating area (RBSOA) plus 10us short circuit withstand.
This device is optimised for traction drives and other applications requiring high thermal cycling capability.
The module incorporates an electrically isolated base plate and low inductance construction enabling circuit designers to optimise circuit layouts and utilise grounded heat sinks for safety.

* 10μs Short Circuit Withstand
* Soft Punch Through Silicon
* Lead Free construction
* Isolated MMC Base with AlN Substrates
* High Thermal Cycling Capability
* High isolation module

* High Reliability Inverters
* Motor Controllers
* Traction Drives
* Choppers

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Product Description
 The RF3133 is a high-power, high-efficiency power amplifier module with integrated power control.
The device is self-contained with 50Ω input and output terminals.
The power control function is also incorporated, eliminating the need for directional couplers, detector diodes, power control ASICs and other power control circuitry; this allows the module to be driven directly from the DAC output.
The device is designed for use as the final RF amplifier in GSM850, EGSM900, DCS and PCS handheld digital cellular equipment and other applications in the 824MHz to 849MHz, 880MHz to 915MHz, 1710MHz to 1785MHz, and 1850MHz to 1910MHz bands.
On-board power control provides over 37dB of control range with an analog voltage input; and, power down with a logic “low” for standby operation.

* Complete Power Control Solution
* Single 2.9V to 5.5V Supply Voltage
* +35dBm GSM Output Power at 3.5V
* +33dBm DCS/PCS Output Power at 3.5V
* 55% GSM and 52% DCS/PCS ηEFF

Typical Applications
* 3V Quad-Band GSM Handsets
* Commercial and Consumer Systems
* Portable Battery-Powered Equipment
* GSM850, EGSM900, DCS/PCS Products
* GPRS Class 12 Compatible


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Product Description
 The TQM713024 is a 3V, 2 stage GaAs HBT Power Amplifier Module designed for use in mobile phones.
Its compact 3x3mm package makes it ideal for today’s extremely small data enabled phones.
Its RF performance meets the requirements for IS-95/98/CDMA2000 & WCDMA Rel99 standards.
The TQM713024 is designed on TriQuint’s advanced InGaP HBT GaAs technology offering state of the art reliability, temperature stability and ruggedness.
Selectable bias mode and a shutdown mode with low leakage current, improve talk and standby time.
The output match, realized within the module package, optimizes efficiency/linearity at maximum rated output power.
The TQM713024 has robust performance into mismatch and excellent linearity margin under all operating conditions including the ability to operate in LP Mode all the way to full output power.

* InGaP HBT Technology
* High Efficiency: 38% @ 28dBm
* Capable of running as 0-bit PA in low bias mode to 28dBm
* Supports new chipsets with Vref@2.6V
* Optimized for 50 ohm System
* Small 8-pin, 3x3mm module
* Excellent Rx band noise performance
* Lead-free 260°C RoHS Compliant
* Full ESD Protection

* IS-95/CDMA2000
* Single/Dual/Tri Mode CDMA/AMPS phones

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 Modulestek GPS module MG-S01SP is a high sensitivity, compact size, plug & play also the Low Power consumption GPS module board designed for a broad spectrum of OEM system applications.
This product is based on the SiRF Star III technology and it will track up to 20 satellites at a time while providing fast time-to-first-fix.
Its far reaching capability meets the sensitivity & accuracy requirements of car navigation as well as other location-based applications, such as AVL system.
Handheld navigator, PDAs, Wrist Watches, Personal Locators, Toll collection, Fleet Management, pocket PC, or any battery operated navigation system.
The MG-S01SP design utilizes the latest surface mount technology and high level circuit integration to achieve superior performance while minimizing dimension and power consumption.
This hardware capability combined with software intelligence makes the board easy to be integrated and used in all kinds of navigation applications or products.

Main Feature
* Built-in high performance SiRF Star III Low power chipset.
* Built-in Ceramics Antenna; Low integration effort with Plug & Play GPS module.
* Current consumption 40mA
* 20 channels parallel.
* Average Cold Start in 42 seconds.
* -159 dBm sensitivity in tracking mode
* NMEA0183 compliant protocol
* Extreme fast TTFF at low signal level
* Compact Size, Easy integration into hand-held device. MG-S01SP 19.0 x 19.0 x 6.5mm(18x18x2mm patch antenna)

MG-S01SP module board receiver is a high performance, ultra low power consumption, plug &play product. These applications are as follow.
* Car Navigation
* Wrist Watch
* Solar Operated Device
* Marine Navigation
* Fleet Management
* AVL and Location-Based Services
* Radar detector with GPS function
* Hand-Held Device for Personal Positioning and Navigation
* Ideal for PAD, Pocket PC and Other Computing Devices at GPS Application

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General Description
 The C3038 is a 1/4” color sensor module with digital output.
It uses OmniVision’s CMOS image sensor OV6630.
Combining CMOS technology together with an easy to use digital interface makes C3038 a low cost solution for higher quality video image application.
The digital video port supplies a continuous 8/16 bit-wide image data stream.
All camera functions, such as exposure, gamma, gain, white balance, color matrix, windowing, are programmable through I2C interface.

* 101,376 pixels, CIF/QCIF format
* Small size : 40 x 28 mm
* Lens: f=4.9mm (Optional)
* 8/16 bit video data : ITU601, ITU656, ZV port
* Read out - progressive
* Data format -YCrCb 4:2:2, GRB 4:2:2, RGB
* I2C interface
* Electronic exposure / Gain / White balance control
* Image enhancement - brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation, sharpness, window, etc
* Internal / external synchronization scheme
* Frame exposure / line exposure option
* Wide dynamic range, anti blooming, zero smearing
* 3.3V operation
* Low power dissipation
* Monochrome composite video signal output (50Hz)

Application Example
* Video Conferencing
* PC Multimedia
* Video Phone
* Video Mail
* Still Image
* Machine Vision
* Process control

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